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Clase Azul Ultra Anejo Tequila  750ML     
Quite literally in a league of its own, Clase Azul Ultra is the world's most luxurious tequila. The exclusive Clase Azul offering is only produced in numbered batches of 100 bottles, we have number 48. Silky, rich and full with an aromas of wood, ... more
Sku: 081240049905
Reg. $1780.00
Fuenteseca Xtra Anejo 12Yr 2001  750ML     
Distilled in June 2001, 20% of this lot was distilled in copper double-column stills and 80% distilled in alembic copper pots. After distillation and blending, 90% was laid into in American white oak previously used to age California red wine, and ... more
Sku: 741638952032
Reg. $294.95
Fuenteseca Xtra Anejo 15 Yr 1998  750ML     
The Atotonilco highland agave used in the lot were harvested late into the Spring, just before the arrival of 1998’s summer rains. It was laid into barrel in August of that summer and spent the next 15 years stored in a dry, earthen-floor aging room  more
Sku: 741638952049
Reg. $434.95
Fuenteseca Xtra Anejo 21 Yr 1993  750ML     
Seeking to create the world’s longest-aged tequila, master distiller Enrique Fonseca distilled this lot in copper double-column stills in order to achieve a leaner structure without too many agave vegetable fats, which could breakdown over the ... more
Sku: 741638952001
Reg. $899.95
  Sku: 7503000677355
Reg. $34.95
  Sku: 673943425911
Reg. $19.99
  Sku: 674545000001
Reg. $42.95
  Sku: 674545000063
Reg. $49.95
Don Julio REAL is produced from a highly selective batch of only the best estate-grown agave and its second distillation is in a special still known as Pot Still 6, which refines the flavors even further. Rich, sweet aromas of caramel and toffee ... more
Sku: 674545000162
Reg. $375.00
  Sku: 674545000322
Reg. $124.95
On Sale $114.95
  Sku: 674545000414
Reg. $45.95
  Sku: 721733000029
Reg. $44.95
  Sku: 721733000913
Reg. $194.95
On Sale $149.95
  Sku: 081240050376
Reg. $36.95
  Sku: 081240050499
Reg. $54.95
  Sku: 081240052264
Reg. $94.95
  Sku: 083089451000
Reg. $47.95
  Sku: 083300032551
Reg. $29.95
The "Best Reposado Tequila 1999" as named by the Federal Government of the Republic of Mexico, the highest honor possible in the country.... more
Sku: 083300032612
Reg. $32.95
  Sku: 083664868919
Reg. $19.95
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